You're sure to have a great time at family reunions...at mine, anyway.
First of all, the kids in my family are adorable! I couldn't get enough of them.

The cabin we stayed at had a lot of adventures in store for us,
including trees to climb in, a river to play in, and an awesome rope swing.

This is me before jumping...

I stand for family;
I stand for doing everything it takes
to keep the bonds strong between family members;
I stand for an eternity with the people we love most.



Welcome to my comfort zone.
With it being the summer, I have plenty of spare time.
With that spare time, all I want to do is drum.
In fact, I've decided to take on drumming competitions.

If you need me, you'll know where to find me.



In the midst of exhausting apartment hunting,
it's always relaxing to just chill out under the trees,
in the beautiful weather,
with an incredible person by your side.



Everyday is a corduroy day!
Especially when I am reappearing after months of not blogging.

There are far too many new things in life,
but for now I'm kicking back
and enjoying the summer.

What are your summer plans?



When your brother takes your phone from you,
what do you expect?
Pictures of his toys?
Pictures of the dog?

Aside from pictures of the sink,
I got the perfect picture of his cute little feet,
ideal for blogging.



Check out my new kicks!
I absolutely love the shoes that are "in style" right now,
from boots to hobo shoes like these,
they are all to die for.



So...my hair is all gone.
Can you tell? ;)
Check out my other blog to see what it looks like.



At midnight I had the wonderfulopportunity to attend a nerd fest.

My husband and his brother pre-ordered a video game that was released last night.
My sister-in-law and I were lucky enough to be tag-a-longs for the event.

It was quite the site to be seen. There were guys ranging from
their teens to...oooh...50ish.

I love the nerd that I'm married to and I am SO glad that he isn't the "movie definition" of nerd
like some of the guys who were there.



No, I have't run away,
but I have been extremely busy.

Here we are, once again in the fall.
I live in an adorable new apartment,
and I go for lovely walks in this weather every Sunday.

I promise to catch up.



I got to spend the day with my little brother!
My husband and I took him on a hike
and had so much fun.
I love that little boy!!



Since I no longer live two minutes away from the lovely BYU pool, I have to use a different facility to swim in. Which is just fine - I'm really grateful to have a nice pool I can still use! 
My two (small) problems:  
-The lengths are 25 YARDS instead of METERS which screws up all the timing I had down.  I'll get used to it :).
-The locker room floor. I borderline want to hyperventilate when I'm walking on it.  I know no one enjoys a gross, wet floor, but I seriously can't handle it.  I prefer standing on the bench as I change to avoid any interaction with the sedentary water on the floor.

Swim on!




Summer is for consuming as many chilled drinks and frozen treats as possible.
On this day it was a hot fudge sundae with oreos and peanuts for me, and a mango boba drink (tapioca on steroids!) for my lovely roommate, Brittney.

Notice how awesome her socks are :).

Time for a bowl of ice cream!
Just kidding. But seriously.




Provo River Trail - above is one of my favorite sections of it.  There are tons of trees that arch over the trail, and you can hardly see the sky.  It's beautiful.

Ride up South Fork. Also a favorite.
I also pretty much hit a silly girl who lost control on her long board.
Ask me sometime about how much I love teenage girls who try to long board down the canyon :).



Yes, he is wearing his military boots. He
is needing to get into tip-top shape for
positions he is applying for.
So, with 35 pounds in his backpack and me
for support we hiked to the 'Y' today.



My last Sunday in the Rose House.

It's kind of hard to believe, actually.  It's been a fantastic 
three years, but the time for change is now here :).  

Ready or not.
I'm mostly ready.